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Clean Room class 100

Salumificio Nino Galli is equipped with the most advanced technology on the market for slicing and packing "salumi" of all kinds: the so called Clean Room class 100. That room is specifically made for slicing food products: it is built with special techniques and equipped with particular instruments in order to obtain a top quality sliced product.


A mix of factors make it so special:

  • Instruments for the room climatization

  • Filters that capture the smallest air impurities

  • The product is hit by a flow of uncontaminated air

  • The employees wear disposable equipment: coat, gloves, mask, cap, shoe coverings

  • Surfaces are designed in order to facilitate and optimize the cleaning and disinfection processes

  • Absence of direct sunlight


The sliced product is placed in preformed trays, which are filled with a mixture of gases that reduces the microbial proliferation and maximises the product's durability, then sealed. Thus to maximise the hygiene and food safety of the product, maintaining the original taste. For the happiness of our extraordinary customers.

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